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Flower Wax Solid Scents


Late breaking additions to your wish list :) Your choice of three flower wax solid scents...

Tuberose Wax Solid Scent
Aromatic tuberose wax from Indian tuberose flowers with a hint of Neroli (polianthes tuberosa, citrus aurantium amara)

Rose Wax Solid Scent
Aromatic rose wax from Bulgarian Damask roses, with a hint of sandalwood (rosa damascena, santalum album)

Jasmine Wax Solid Scent
Aromatic jasmine wax from Indian Sambac jasmine with a hint of vetiver (jasminum sambac, jasminum officinale, vetiveria zizanoides)

5 g / 0.17 oz in a slide top tin

Category: Bath + Body