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Face Masque, with Rhassoul Clay, Seaweed, Lavender and Elderflower


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Made with toning, mineral rich rhassoul clay, seaweed powder and powdered certified organic lavender buds and elderflowers, this masque is suitable for all skin types, particularly in spring, when rising temperatures and humidity can trigger increased perspiration and oil production, leading to breakouts.

We also recommend adding our microexfoliating Powder Cleanser, with Kaolin Clay, Seaweed and Lavender, to your skin care regime in spring, and year-round for oily and congested skin, along with the Refining Toner. Check out our Bi-Phase Hydrating Serum if you're looking for a light, oil-free moisturiser for spring and summer.

14 g / 0.5 oz. U.S. in a compostable sachet.

Directions: Mix 2 tsp with water to create a pudding-like consistency. Apply, avoiding the eye area. Just as the masque is beginning to dry (the colour will lighten), gently remove it using a warm, damp cloth, and add it to your compost bin (it's good for your garden but not for your plumbing). Rinse your face and pat dry, then moisturise. Masques stimulate circulation; a little transient redness is common and will dissipate within a half hour or so.

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