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Bath Salts, Acadian Forest Blend


Enjoy a restorative soak in this joyful citrusy, balsamic, woodland blend for autumn, featuring essential oils of balsam fir, orange, silver fir, juniper, cypress and cedarwood in mineral-rich Epsom, sea and Pink Himalayan salts. Our bath salt blends include tapioca starch to fully solubilize and disperse the essential oils into your bath water.

112 g / 4 oz. in an amber glass jar or 50 g in a compostable sachet.*

*Like all salts, bath salts have a tendency to absorb moisture from the surrounding air, so they are best kept in sachets for a short time only. We recommend transferring them to a jar unless you'll be using them within a few weeks. 

Ingredients: Maris sal, magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, tapioca starch, citrus sinensis, abies balsamea, abies alba, juniperus communis, cupressus sempervirens, cedrus atlantica