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Dry Shampoo, Orange Star Anise


This all natural dry shampoo for all hair colours freshens hair, absorbs excess oil and adds volume for updos, with a citrusy blend of orange, star anise and cardamom essential oils in a base of rhassoul clay, orris root, arrowroot, orange and lemon peel.

142 g / 5 oz. packaged in a reusable metal shaker. 

Ingredients: Moroccan lava clay, iris germanica, citrus sinensis, citrus limonum, maranta arundinacea, tapioca starch, elettaria cardamomum, illicium verum

Directions: sprinkle shampoo onto roots, work through mid-lengths, wait two minutes for sebum to be absorbed, brush shampoo out, or for curly hair, lift and gently shake your hair. Tame flyaways, moisturise the ends of longer hair and redefine curls with one of our versatile leave-in conditioner blends--all of them can be applied to dry hair and used as leave-in conditioners, all of them contain a conditioning cellulose to fight static, and all of them can double as hand lotion, so any excess will moisturise your hands :)

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